Visual Reflections
Visual Reflections Visual Reflections Visual Reflections

Title: Visual Reflections
Size: 11"x14" (painting) | 15"x18" (final framed size)
Price: $550

My Reflections on the Senses series depicts my interpretation of the neo-Platonic notion of the senses being an avenue to either enlightenment or destruction, depending on how one chooses to use them. This painting subtly depicts the sense of vision through its abstract portrayal of rods and cones, the cells in the retina that allow for sight.

The painting was done on 300 gsm hot press watercolor paper and comes float mounted in a custom black frame. A little about float mounting: Instead of layering a mat board on top of the art, the artwork is instead “floated” 3/8” above a mat. Spacers are used to separate the glass and frame from the art and mat board, suspending your piece between the materials. It is a lovely way to show off the texture of the paper, to preserve the visibility of my signature and to add a little drama to the art.

Please note:

  • This is the original painting and will be hand-signed.
  • The price includes matting, framing and shipping.  
  • Colors may vary slightly from what you see on your monitor.