The Lyon Road Art team proudly prints each print in-house & carefully packages them to be shipped directly to your home or office! We work hard to make this a quick and seamless process for our customers. We are so excited to see Kaitlin's art have such an impact and are proud to be a part of that story!


Kaitlin  |  Artist & Owner

     Kaitlin Walsh is an American artist specializing in abstract anatomical watercolor and oil paintings. From a young age, she exhibited an immense fascination with both art and medicine. She focused her studies on both disciplines, eventually receiving a graduate degree in Biomedical Visualization from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

     Soon after graduation, Kaitlin had a child in the NICU for several months. That harrowing experience fleshed out a deep-rooted purpose: To appreciate and showcase the tremendous beauty of the human body through painting. She launched her studio, Lyon Road Art, in 2015 and has now sold over 20,000 prints of her work and is a well-known name in the anatomical art community.

     She lives happily in Wisconsin with her husband and three healthy children, and puppy Wallace!


Kali  |  Communications & Operations

     Kali has been with Lyon Road Art since 2017. She loves working with Kaitlin and Chasity and bringing the wonder of Kaitlin's work to people around the world. One of her favorite things about working for Lyon Road Art is hearing people's stories when they order custom paintings and getting to see how heartfelt and important each piece is for different people.

     When she is not working at Lyon Road Art, she is a calligrapher and illustrator with Seeking Eden Art. Kali lives in a little cottage in the PNW with her husband and Irish-doodle puppy.

     If you send us a message or an email, there is a good chance you will hear from Kali!


Chasity  |  Prints & Merchandise

     Chasity has been the printer at Lyon Road Art since 2022. She prepares all the prints and merchandise at our Waunakee Studio.

Whether your order is online or picked- up in store, Chasity's attention to detail and eye for quality gets your prints to you in top condition.

Outside of the studio, Chasity loves to curl up in her little book nook and read. So if you come shop in-store, and you have any fantasy, romance or mystery recommendations, she would love to her them!