I lived on Lyon Road for only a year, but it was in that year that life got real. My husband and I moved there for his residency the morning after our wedding. In that first month I finished grad school, started my first big girl job in San Francisco, and found out I was pregnant. And soon after, found out there were major problems with my pregnancy. A bit later my son was born, very premature and very sick, spending months in the NICU. It was a scary, demanding and traumatic time. (But don't you worry, all is well now.)

Each day at our Lyon Road apartment was its own challenge. But through the hardship we mastered an important concept: Appreciation. In the hospital, we had to learn to appreciate the physiological aspects of my son that were performing correctly, rather than fixating on problem areas. We learned to appreciate the hard work of nurses, doctors and therapists, as well as the never-ending support of friends and family. To this day, I am presented with reminders of how much worse it could have been and I take a moment to be thankful for my children's current health and well-being.

My paintings are a manifestation of this appreciation: I paint anatomy to showcase the beauty in the human body. It is actually what I was trained to do, as my graduate degree is in Biomedical Visualization. From this training, I know that the human interior looks random, so messy and unplanned. But the truth is the opposite. Every inch of the body put together in a defined and methodical way, making possible both the functions of which we are all capable, and also the uniqueness of every individual. The human being is phenomenal, and through some lessons learned on Lyon Road, I have come to fully appreciate its miracles.



Each item in my store is based on a hand-painted watercolor, created by me. Each print will come printed and carefully packaged by myself. If you have any questions, or would like to reach out about a custom order, please contact me at studio@lyonroadart.com.


An interview with the artist behind Lyon Road Art

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Kaitlin shares her passion for anatomical art, where it came from and her challenging yet inspirational road to Lyon Road Art.