Kaitlin Walsh is an independent artist specializing in abstract anatomical watercolor and oil paintings. From a young age, she exhibited an immense fascination with both art and medicine. She focused her studies on both disciplines, eventually receiving  a graduate degree in Biomedical Visualization at the University of Illinois at Chicago, where she took a combination of fine art and med school courses.

Soon after graduation, Kaitlin had her first child. Her son spent several months in the hospital recovering from severe prenatal complications and an early birth. This was Kaitlin’s primary motivation to entirely focus her career on her passion: Portraying the beauty and complexity of the human body through painting. Her son’s initially precarious health status, while frightening, also compelled her to further appreciate the intricacies of functional anatomy.

After spending some time honing her craft and increasing her inventory, she launched her studio, Lyon Road Art, in 2015. She has now sold over 35,000+ prints of her work and is a well-known name in the anatomical art community.  Kaitlin lives happily in Waunakee, WI with her husband and three healthy children.