Oh, my thoracic vertebra painting. How I love thee. This painting is actually one of a set of three vertebrae (the other two are, you guessed it, cervical and lumbar vertebrae). Don't tell the other two, but this one is my favorite.


I've said before that sometimes a painting is like pulling teeth, and sometimes it just works. This one worked. Instead of painstakingly brushing in every little millimeter, I used stronger strokes to flesh out the bone. When these strong strokes are combined with ethereal, transparent watercolor, it creates a fortuitous balance of delicacy and crispness. Additionally, the shape of the thoracic vertebra is ideal, compositionally speaking. Its elongated neck and body traverse the paper in such an attractive way.


My final, favorite little touch on the painting is the caption at the bottom, "thoracic", which I think is both understated and striking. I enjoyed using an actual calligraphy pen and inkwell to write it. I always enjoy getting back to basics.


If you are interested in this painting, know that you are receiving a well-loved piece of art. This series actually hung in my house for years before it went to a new home in a gallery for awhile. Reach out to us if it speaks to you the way it speaks to me!


The thoracic vertebrae original watercolor can be found here. Enjoy!









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