Two things, I think, make this painting striking. Firstly, it's just the importance of the particular structure I painted. How an offshoot of the aortic arch becomes the infamous carotid arteries is both imperative information and rarely called out so simply. By removing all of the extraneous information (and by information I mean the countless vessels, nerves, muscles, tendons and bones crowded and smushed together in that fragile tube we call the neck), the viewer is able to appreciate what a direct line the carotids have to our heart.


It’s also the composition of this painting that makes it special. The pairing of sparse simplicity with a hit of fine detail at the top, where the carotids begin to bifurcate into smaller vessels that supply the heart, lends a striking delicacy to the painting. Additionally, its overall thinness makes it stand out. While I try to make most of my in standard frame sizes, so it's easier (and less expensive) to get framed, this painting was begging to be long and narrow.


My final reason for lovin' on this painting? The color. It looks like a vine. But it's not. It's blood. Tricky, eh? 


The tricuspid valve watercolor original can be found here. Enjoy!











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An interview with the artist behind Lyon Road Art
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