The “abstract” in this abstract uterus is actually in regards to the color palette rather than the uterus itself. The color palette of soothing teals and a pop of orange is one of my favorite palettes to use. This is based off of a photo taken from an endoscopic surgery. It’s much closer to what your uterus really looks like if you were to jump inside your body right now! The painting  includes the uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries, and the Pouch of Douglas. The Pouch of Douglas or the Rectouterine Pouch is an extension of the peritoneal cavity.

One of my favorite parts of this painting is that I used small, impressionist-like brush strokes in this uterus painting. I don't really do that any more but I should because I feel like it adds so much to it!


The abstract uterus in teal watercolor original can be found here. Enjoy!









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An interview with the artist behind Lyon Road Art
Kaitlin shares her passion for anatomical art, where it came from and her challenging yet inspirational road to Lyon Road Art.