GUEST BLOG | by Christina Colón


Hey there! I’m Christina, I do marketing and communications here at Lyon Road Art so if you’re reaching out, it’s usually me you get! For those I’ve spoken with before, hi again! And for those new folks, nice to “meet” you! 

There’s a lot going on Lyon Road Art and to be a part of it is so incredible. When I first started working with Kaitlin, I knew it was a special environment. Something about it, from the first meeting with her, was electric. That sounds super cheesy but if you’ve listened to our recent podcast, you know why that makes perfect sense! Kaitlin is so incredibly open to new ideas and she’s all about trying new things. If it doesn’t pan out then, “whelp, we gave it a go”. I love that about her and it makes for an incredibly creative workplace. 


One of the things I’m most excited about is our talk of new products. We tested the waters with mugs, stickers and t-shirts and the waters felt great! We plan to do some tweaking of those and to add some new designs. But, we’re also planning on adding entirely new products. The one I might be most excited about are curated scents from an amazing candle maker who hand-pours small batches out of Omaha, Nebraska. The curated scents will relate to some of our different collections! So much fun! The opportunities are endless but it really depends on what resonates with you, our customer, because Lyon Road Art and it’s products don’t exist without you! Please reach out to us through our contact page or our Instagram account and tell us what you'd love to see next from Lyon Road Art!


The other thing that really excites me and that I love about working with Kaitlin is the freedom and openness! Our schedules are really based on what needs to be done and we get to set our own work times and days as they fit our lives. At the start of COVID, she encouraged working from home rather than taking the risk of being in the studio all the time which was amazing because people in other jobs and industries were not getting that opportunity which just upped their risk and stress. We have weekly meetings via Google Meet which really brings us back together. We get a chance to catch up (especially with Kali who’s in Omaha) and then talk about what we’re all doing and next steps to keep this magnificent ball rolling! It’s honestly become one of my favorite times of the week. 


Kaitlin is so supportive of outside endeavors and adventures. It’s incredible because this is a small business run by a small team which usually means a constant grind, shoulder to shoulder in the “trenches” making it all work. While we do give our best every day, it feels far from a grind. I was recently studying for a certification in a completely different industry, it was time consuming and took time away from LRA. Instead of staying on top of me about my normal tasks, Kaitlin checked in with me, said she was proud of me, and wished me luck when it was time for me to take my test! In terms of adventures, well, Lyon Road Art just went on a road trip! I’m currently writing this blog from a beautiful home in Florida, looking out at a pool and beautiful trees with dangling spanish moss. It’s -13℉ back in Iowa with 10+ inches of frozen snow. Greta, our printer (our literal printer) is working from here too. She appreciates the view a little less than me but I’m convinced she loves the atmosphere and is printing smoother than ever! 



I feel incredibly lucky to be in the position I’m in for many reasons but specifically because I am hyper aware of the fact that other people have struggled through this pandemic with stress and the fear of what comes next. If you have or are currently dealing with that, I’m so sorry, my heart goes out to you!


Thanks for listening to me ramble about my awesome job and what I’m stoked about. Don’t forget, your opinions matter to us. We do this for you and love the interactions we have with each of you. So please reach out to us and let us know what you’d love to see next from Lyon Road Art!

Until next time.