The New Blog Regimen

So I'm starting a new blog regimen. I know, I know, I've started writing posts in the past but I've always lacked that little thing called 'follow-through'. This time will be different, though. Because now I'm a responsible thirty-year-old mother-of-two shop-owning adult? NOPE, wrong. It's because I have a have a shiny new computer monitor that's calling my name! And also...

...because I am in need of a forum to update my peeps on my shop, since I have LOTS of BIG things planned for 2016. Just wait and see, you won't be disappointed. So ready yourself for some #shopupdate posts.

...because I've had lots of compadres asking how I go about things, whether it is how I launch a new project, how I frame my paintings, or how I manage to run an Etsy shop while keeping my kids alive. So there will be #thisishow posts as well.

...mostly because I've received a number of commissions from people coping with diseases, or mentally prepping for a daunting surgery, or from those lucky ones who are in the midst of a joyous recovery and want a painting to commemorate their struggle. I therefore have decided to write small posts about such pathologies that I encounter in my work.  I always want to do more than simply paint in honor of these hardships and I hope that these #theirstory posts will do a little to increase awareness and empathy.

That's it. Oh, I've included a picture of my kids showing off their belly buttons because... why not? Looking forward to 2016! See ya in a week or so.