Intersections: Art and Anatomy Podcast

GUEST BLOG | by Kali McCord

Testing, testing, one, two three. Is this thing on? 

Ok good! ;) And with that, I will reveal one of our biggest endeavors yet here at Lyon Road Art: We are starting a podcast!

The idea of starting a podcast has been bouncing in my head for quite a while. Podcasts have been my constant companion while printing at the studio, driving to and from work and home in my car, and while my brain is whirring about schoolwork or exams or mostly anything else. But surprisingly I found that a podcast about both art and medicine was almost impossible to find. I could find art critiques or medical commentary, but nothing uplifting or inspiring. So the past months we have dedicated our time to making a podcast that will be just that: uplifting, inspiring, and all about the intersection of art and medicine. Whether you are driving to early morning clinical, working on an oil painting, spending long hours in the lab, or are just interested in hearing about this fascinating junction. Now that it is a reality, we cannot wait to share it with you!

Intersections: Art and Anatomy with Lyon Road Art launched this morning! The first episode will take us back to the start of Lyon Road Art and Kaitlin shares the beauty and art of medicine and how it has impacted her work the past five years. Each subsequent episode will cover art and anatomy and all the incredible ways they overlap. We will be talking to art therapists, providers, patients, and to other fabulous medical artists, discussing everything from medical practices, to fine art, to miracles in the worlds of art and medicine. 

Stay tuned for our launch shortly! I cannot wait to bring Intersections: Art and Anatomy with Lyon Road Art to you and share more interesting and inspiring stories and guests with you each month!

Find the podcast here

Talk to you soon,