Here for the Holidays: Shipping Guide

It may seem early, but shipping times and delays have been on my mind since last Christmas. I want to make sure everyone gets their gifts on time! I've made a shipping guide to make gift planning easier this year. With these deadlines, we are hoping to avoid the shipping stress of the holidays and other delays related to COVID. Ordering before these deadlines will help you skip the holiday rush and give you peace of mind throughout the whole season!



International Orders
Order by December 1st
Within the United States
Order by December 16th



Within the United States
Order by December 1st



Within the United States
Order by December 1st 



Order by November 15th 


All unframed prints, mugs, t-shirts, stickers and posters must be ordered by December 16th for domestic orders and by December 1st for international orders. If you do not live in the United States and would like to buy prints for a loved one or coworker this holiday season, I recommend checking with your country's shipping times as well and ordering as soon as possible for peace of mind.

Canvas prints and framed prints take longer to ship, so be sure to order these as early as possible, and at least by the beginning of December. Custom paintings take extra time and care as well as shipping, so orders for custom embryos and other paintings need to be in by November 15th!

Giving the perfect gift is such a special part of the holiday season. All the new pieces I have painted this year and everyone working together to try to get packages to you on time makes me so excited to see what you choose to give this year. Bring a smile to your family, coworkers, friends, or someone special this year.


Happy shipping and happy holidays,

Kaitlin Walsh