COVID-19 and Coping with a New Normal

GUEST BLOG | by Christina Colón


It’s hard to believe that what’s happening in the world right now is really happening. It’s surreal that a virus has taken over almost every populated region on our planet. Isn’t this the plot to every zombie movie you’ve ever seen? But, it’s not a movie, this is our reality. A slowed pace, restaurants dim, dining rooms closed, video calls and virtual hugs, social distancing, and shelters in place. Who could’ve imagined that this was possible? 

I’ll say now that there won’t be any political talk or blame games here so don’t you fret. This is solely about this “new normal” and how coping with it, or trying to at least, feels

coronavirus watercolor painting


Did you know that “coronavirus” is a broad term for a family of viruses? 

In case you didn’t, here’s a quick breakdown:

  • They’re all different but typically share similar coronavirus symptoms like respiratory issues. 

  • Some of the known coronaviruses include Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS-CoV) and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS). 

  • The Novel Coronavirus or COVID-19 is a new strain that is suspected to have lived in animals for some time but has recently decided to jump ship and grace us humans with its presence. 

Enough of the technical stuff, this is all about the feels. 

COVID-19 to me is a consistent threat and worry. Am I doing enough? Am I making matters worse? Will my family be okay? When will things get back to “normal”? More consistent worries; thinking of loved ones that have been laid off and almost equally as hard to think of are those who still have work but can’t work from home. The fact that their constant exposure is mandatory because money is money and you can’t do much without it is nerve-racking. Just to ratchet up the fun, I have these small panicked moments where a cough isn’t just a cough. Don’t get me started on a cough PLUS a headache!

COVID-19 is also something that took a loved one of someone I care about. It’s this thing that will mark a generation, burning this period in time into the minds of the world’s population. I can logically think through and talk myself out of most of those worries, tell myself everything is fine and quit being dramatic. There’s no taking the drama out of that statement though. Forever in the minds of the world’s population. That’s heavy.

frontlines help during the coronavirus pandemic watercolor paintingCOPING? 

At the end of the long crazy day, I feel incredibly lucky. I still have work and I feel relatively safe.

Here at Lyon Road Art, we’ve moved our whole printing set up to cut down on close interactions and even set up postal service pickups so that we don’t have to physically go into the post office and risk exposure. We wear gloves and wipe down supplies etc. 

I’m making the most of my days cherishing the time I have with my favorite person, learning, being better at my job, working on healthy living and meditating. I think this is an opportunity to make the changes in our lives that we’ve been craving, that we “just don’t have the time” to make. I’m doing my best to make every day just a little different, just a little better. This is how I keep some peace of mind and cope. I stay busy, focused and grateful. 

A little secret… it ain’t always easy! 


Our best is all any of us can do. If we all focus on doing everything we can to mitigate risk then we can rest assured that there is an end in sight. It might be a long road but at least we know that we are in no way alone, everyone is sharing the same feelings of fear, doubt, and even anger. I truly think there’s potential that we come out of the other end of this feeling a little more understanding, a little more neighborly and a lot more grateful for everything and everyone we have. 

My two cents of advice is to live each moment like it was your last, don’t hold grudges and hug those you love cuz ya never know when a crazy, species hopping virus could attack! (insert 1950’s horror movie poster here!)

A Quick P.S.

I can’t, not even close, describe in words the gratitude I have for each and every customer that keeps buying Kaitlin’s beautiful art. Without all of you, things would be a bit scarier (I speak for myself on that part though I think it’s true for all of us). Art heals, it truly does so please keep buying prints, give one as a thank you gift to your favorite doctor that might be struggling right now, to a friend you know it’ll make smile, or to give back since a portion of sales is going to GlobalGiving. Whatever your reason, thank you.