Finding the Time for Art

I recently started an Etsy shop, Lyon Road, to sell my artwork. The initial reaction from friends and family is typically, "Awesome! Kudos!". This is quickly followed by a, "My goodness, how do you find the time to paint?!"

I get it. I have two major time sucks at home, a two-year-old and a newborn, and an absentee husband, due to a very demanding residency. The days are highly scheduled and hectic, and the rare days that the kids actually reward me by napping at the same time (I think this is referred to as the holy grail of nap time?), my gut response is to lie down and join them in the sweet, sweet bliss of slumber.

But then I remember how good I feel after a painting session. It's much easier to find time for something that makes one feel so dang good inside. So instead of napping or reading or watching another re-run of Friends (okay, I'm lying, I still have it on in the background), I tell myself that this is good for my soul, and then drag out my supplies and get to work. Once I get started, I am so happy that I did.

A few other tips to get yourself motivated to start:

  • Remind yourself that this doesn't have to be an epic painting session. A lot of my sessions are no more than a half an hour. Even just prepping your art counts. Anyone can handle the five minutes it takes to tape some paper to a board, right? And then you can chalk it up as a productive day. :)
  • Enable a quick set up. I have all my painting supplies on the main floor, all in one spot so that I can set up my area in less than a minute. Let's not waste time if we don't have to, eh?
  • Treat yo-self! I like a good show on in the background or a good book on tape. If it's daytime, I get a soda (gasp, yes, I drink soda, and I'm not ashamed to admit it); if it's nighttime, I get a glass of wine. Just don't confuse your water glass with your wine glass if you're doing watercolor. I've totally done that. More than once.

That's all! Have a great day!