2019 Donation Announcement

Hey all!

It's that time of year again, when I very belatedly announce this year's chosen charity! Before the big reveal (I know, you're on tenterhooks, but hold on...) I have two relevant announcements first:

  • From here on out, I've decided that my yearly donations will go to children's hospitals. I am in awe of the life-saving care they provide daily, and how they provide hope to families facing unimaginable situations. 
  • I am also excited to announce that in addition to donating 5% of profits, I will also donate an original painting each year to the chosen hospital.

This year's chosen hospital is the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles. CHLA is the only pediatric hospital ranked among the top 10 in the United States that also serves as a critical safety net to more than 70% of its patients and families. Specifically, I'll be donating to The Helping Hands Fund, which ensures that advancements in research and life-changing and lifesaving care are available to every child being treated for critical illness and injury at CHLA – from throughout California and beyond. From preemie diapers to breakthroughs in heart surgery, the needs of this hospital are immense and I am proud to donate to their worthy cause.

UPDATE — This March CHLA has their yearly Make March Matter campaign, where businesses join together to support CHLA and bring attention to the health care needs of children. Check out my page on their site, as well as other businesses that are participating. And if you decide to get an LRA painting, sleep happy knowing that part of your purchase is going to an excellent cause!