Cheers to Five Years, LRA!

When my daughter Rosie was five months she went through terrible sleep regression. She had been off-and-on screaming all day… and night… and day before that… for like a million days straight, it felt like. During those endless hours rocking her my mind had been buzzing away with an idea, a plan to start selling some of my artwork. I remember it was a Sunday evening when my husband actually came home early-ish from work (residency was the pits). He walked in the door, I handed him a screaming Rosie, told him I needed an hour to do this one thing, and Lyon Road Art was born. 

It’s five years later and that “one thing I had to do” has flourished into something truly amazing. Now boasting three employees and an in-house studio, this small LRA team has put anatomy prints into every state and the majority of countries in the western hemisphere. We are in the top 1% of Etsy, sold over 15,000 prints and have been a part of seven art shows (and counting!) in just the past eighteen months, and recently won first place at a large art exhibition. Needless to say I am both proud and incredibly humbled by what we have been able to accomplish in such a short amount of time.

I just want to say a few thank yous for the people who have made my dreams of full-time arting a reality. First, to those who have purchased my prints and originals, or who have supported me in other ways: Reading this blog, for instance, or liking a post I’ve made, or even just following me on social media. It all makes more of a difference than you could imagine. Secondly, to my amazing team: Kali McCord, Teresa Barrett and Christina Colón. You all make this possible, and make my life better in a thousand ways. I am lucky to have you in my life.

And mostly I want to say thanks to my husband, Marty. That time five years ago when I handed off Rosie was not an isolated incident. Handing off babies when he walks in and saying “I gotta go paint” happens often in this house. He is supportive, helpful, an amazing resource, a good sounding board, and gives the best critiques. Life is good when your best friend becomes your husband becomes your business partner. :)

And here's the lovely Christina: