Why You Should Love lyonroad.com Too

I was, and am, very happy selling my artwork via Etsy. Their platform is robust, their team is helpful, and they bring a much larger audience to my product than I would have otherwise. Despite this, my 2016 goal was to branch out and build my own site, for several reasons. Firstly, since in my past life I was both a graphic designer and a front-end developer, I have been craving full control over the entire design and UX. Secondly, I think that having a dedicated website legitimizes myself and my company, which is essential when developing a burgeoning brand. Thirdly, I of course get to avoid paying those pesky Etsy seller fees. All in all, it was definitely time for me to go rogue.

But I also wanted to clarify here why lyonroad.com is also a great improvement for you, my customer. Here are just a few reasons:

  • Better Organization and Search
    In addition to a robust search feature on lyonroad.com, I am able to have unlimited categories, and I am able to label a painting by more than one category. This is essential for accurate organization, and makes browsing much easier.
  • More exact shipping prices
    Etsy does not allow its users to create different shipping prices for different sized items, which is a problem, since it costs much more to ship a 16x20 compared to an 8x10. My own site allows me to change the shipping price based on a size, which ensures that you are paying a more accurate price.
  • More sales
    Sales are quite simple to generate and advertise on my site. I therefore plan on having more discounts and coupon codes over the coming year.
  • Fresher content
    Lyonroad.com has a dedicated blog, an instagram feed and featured content sections. You should see new and different things every time you visit. Huzzah!

So you see? The official Lyon Road Art website is great for all parties. Come visit any time.