Kaitlin Walsh | Artist and CEO


Kaitlin Walsh is an independent artist specializing in abstract anatomy watercolors. From a young age, she exhibited an immense fascination with both art and science. She focused her studies on both disciplines, taking medical courses alongside fine art ones. This culminated with a graduate degree in Biomedical Visualization at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Soon after graduation, Kaitlin married and had her first child. Her son spent several months in the hospital recovering from severe prenatal complications and an early birth. This was Kaitlin’s primary motivation to focus her career on her passion: Portraying the beauty and complexity of the human body, as her son’s initially precarious health status, while frightening, also compelled her to appreciate the things were going well within his body. She was naturally impelled to convey this appreciation through her paintings, using the skills she had gained throughout her education. After spending some time honing her craft and increasing her inventory (and having another child), she opened up shop. Kaitlin now feels incredibly lucky to find success doing what she loves while getting to spend time with her family.

Kaitlin lives happily in Omaha, Nebraska with her husband and two healthy children.

Kali McCord | Art Production Assistant 

Kali is a Graphic Designer who loves thinking up inventive ideas, creating lively artwork, and designing new ways to find miracles in even the smallest things. At Lyon Road Art, Kali helps bring Kaitlin's new ideas into reality. She helps Kaitlin with everything from the online store to preparing for shows. In the future, Kali wishes to use her own designs and artwork to establish a story of her own. Until then, she devotes her time to the incredible story of Lyon Road Art. She lives in Omaha with her family.