Trichodiscoma, what a bright and lovely painting! Do you know what trichodiscoma is? Neither did I, until it was requested by a wonderful customer, looking to decorate her derm clinic. It's a rare, benign growth that creates something like a glorified callus and can look kind of like a wart. Did my commissioner have a special connection to trichodiscoma? Nope, not at all. She just knew that the histology of it was absolutely breathtaking. And she was right—these large, organic avocado shapes that gently fold into and around one another. I love that.


That she found in one little-known and rare cell growth a beauty that takes the breath away. We should all seek such things, try to find allure and profundity in the most mundane or obscure aspects of nature. Even in pathologies, which seek to annoy, frustrate or even destroy us, we can still recognize a harmonious beauty in our opponent and in doing so, find a blip of joy in any circumstance.


The trichodiscoma watercolor original can be found here. Enjoy!










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An interview with the artist behind Lyon Road Art
Kaitlin shares her passion for anatomical art, where it came from and her challenging yet inspirational road to Lyon Road Art.