Meninges Watercolor Print

And the pick of the month is… meninges! I think this is the perfect piece for fall, given its deep jewel tone colors and patterns reminiscent of foliage and fallen leaves. There’s also a richness to this painting that I love. If one is not careful, watercolor can look pastel and pallid—I can’t tell you how many times I’ve laid down what I thought would be black, only to have it dry into a sad elephant gray. When painting this, however, I made sure to load up my brush with richly intense color, using only enough water to get the effects I wanted. I think the result packs a purple, red and gold punch.

But it’s more than the style that I like on this one, it’s the subject matter. I wish I had a better story than I just LIKED learning about the meninges in anatomy class, way back when. The names in particular always spoke to me… how big and protective dura means mother, the way the arachnid looks all spidery. And little pia, clinging to the brain itself. Those names are downright poetic!

So while this one isn’t purchased nearly as often as my more obvious brain pieces, I think it should be. While those brains look cool, they are a bit obvious, aren’t they? I love how this doesn’t scream neuro, just a beautiful horizontally patterned painting. But you and I will know that it actually depicts some of the coolest structures in the body. Wink wink.

The meninges watercolor print can be found here. Enjoy!




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