Female Organ Paintings


New year, new pick of the month! This one is called the Pelvic Stack and has always been one of my lesser-known favorites. It shows, from top-down, the colon, uterus, bladder and pubis bone. I've always loved how it uniquely conveys the interesting in situ orientation of these important organs by taking out all the extraneous junk (well, not junk, I guess intestines, ligaments, omentums and muscles are pretty cool, but they do kind of get in the way visually).

I feel as though some people shy away from celebrating some of these organs, but they are so important to our overall well-being (especially after having babies! I think way more about my bladder and colon health than ever before). I'm fortunate that my mom is a PT specializing in pelvic health, so I've always been in tune to their importance and the deluge of issues that arise when things aren't working well. With that in mind, I wanted to honor this region in a simple and straightforward way, making it lovely rather than gross and highlighting its strength and importance. Enjoy!


Pelvic stack print with couch


An interview with the artist behind Lyon Road Art

video of kaitlin walsh


Kaitlin shares her passion for anatomical art, where it came from and her challenging yet inspirational road to Lyon Road Art.