brachial plexus in red abstract anatomy watercolor


As soon as we decided to do a "Pick of the Month" I knew I would choose Brachial Plexus in Red first. This painting is just so dear to me, for many reasons. First, because it was my very first successful abstract anatomy painting. I remember sitting in my family room in California watching the painting come to life beneath my hands. Never before had I taken an abstract approach to painting anatomy and I was ecstatic with the results. I looked at the completed painting and knew, just knew, that this style would define my work.

I also love the piece because of its subject matter. The brachial plexus, the complicated arrangement of braided of nerves in the upper arm, is one of my favorite examples of organized anatomical chaos. That is, when you look at the brachial plexus in situ it looks like a messy rope of nerves. But this knot is put together in a methodical and special way. I even enjoyed the process of memorizing the arrangement in grad school; it felt like a right of passage for anybody invested in anatomy.

Finally, this piece is special to me because it was the subject of the first bulk order I received—ordered by a professor from Johns Hopkins, no less! I had a complete fangirl moment when that order came through. 

Some paintings are just lucky and special, and this is one of them. Hope you enjoy it too!


brachial plexus anatomy art and couch


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